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About Me

Tami Spence

Business Consultant


Sometimes it takes a minute to figure out what you really want to do with your life, and that was certainly the case for me.


I started my career in the software development industry, but after a while, it became clear that it wasn't the greatest fit. I knew I wanted to do something that came from my heart and made a difference in the world, and working in a corporate setting was no longer feeling aligned (especially after having a family and wanting to be able to stay connected with them as well!).

After having my kids, I discovered holistic health and nutrition and fell in love with the wellness industry. I started working as a health coach, helping other moms with small kids lose the baby weight and get their energy back. I was finally making a difference, but it still wasn't quite right!

I began to realize that my favorite part of the holistic business I was running was actually the backend tech - the marketing funnels, the sales pages, the integrations... I loved all that stuff! And I realized that most of the coaches I knew didn't. That's when I started offering my business support services to other coaches.

I finally feel like I've found my calling! I love supporting entrepreneurs in the wellness space because I get to make their lives easier AND I'm still helping to make a positive impact in the world.

If you're spending too much time on technology or if your systems just aren't working for you the way you need them to, I can help. Send me a note and let's connect to see how we can get your business working for you - so that you can have more time, make more money, and reach more people who need the gifts you're here to share.

Why I Work With Ontraport

I've been supporting coaching and wellness businesses for many years and I've gotten to know a lot of online business systems in the process.


What I see a lot with coaches is that they tend to start smaller (and generally use free technology as they're getting their businesses going) and then they add on over time. This makes complete sense, especially if you're still defining your niche or your product offerings.


At some point, though, it starts to become a little unmanageable to have all your systems in different places. Things break, or updates happen, functionality is compromised, and you start throwing time and money at things to get them working the way you need them to.


This is when coaches start looking for more of an all-in-one solution, and of all the systems I've used, Ontraport is by far the most versatile. You can cover most (if not all) your business needs with Ontraport alone, and yet it's still powerful and flexible enough to allow you to customize it exactly the way you need to.

If you're not currently using Ontraport and you have questions about what it might look like for your business, send me an email and let's talk!

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