The Effortless Weight Loss 28-Day Quickstart is the fastest and easiest way to dive into 1-1 holistic health and nutrition coaching.

Here’s what you’ll get from this experience:

  • A jumpstart on your weight loss and holistic health goals
  • Freedom from the diet roller coaster, calorie counting, and other food rules
  • A feeling of knowing exactly what to eat to keep your body working optimally and full of high-quality energy
  • Learning to crave the healthy foods while not even missing the junk
  • New, built-in habits that automatically set you up for long-term success, even when you’re not thinking about it!

The 28-Day Quickstart includes:

  • The Effortless Weight Loss Assessment to determine which foods and activities are going to give you the most impact right now, based on overall health, lifestyle, and hormone balance.
  • Four 1:1 private accountability and coaching sessions to clear obstacles, set the conditions for inevitable success, and keep you moving forward.
  • Weekly email status and session notes.
  • Priority email access to me for regular accountability and support the duration of the program.

Here are some of the results that others have seen from working with me:

Sandra testimonial

In my opinion, the most important quality of a  successful coach of any kind isn’t just the ability to motivate – anyone can be a cheerleader –  it is the ability to really listen to a client so that coaching can actually begin at their level.

This is what separated this program from others that I have unsuccessfully tried.

Tami didn’t fit me into a routine. She really listed to me, my roadblocks were understood, and THEN a plan was built specifically into my life addressing each one of my obstacles. I truly believe that this was the key to my success down the healthier path of life.

The personal, step by step tailoring of this program to my life and the personal relationship built around these months were the favorite parts of working with Tami. I have lost a total of 14 lbs so far, almost 10 percent of my total body weight!

I started out not being able to exercise more than 5 minutes. I ate junk all the time. I can now run over 4 miles and I crave whole food eating! I am stronger and healthier, but most importantly I have acquired a sustainable, long term path to healthy living. That’s the best news of all!

Would I recommend this program? Absolutely and without hesitation. Thank you, Tami!

Tammy testimonial

Before working with Tami I was unhappy with my weight and having perimenopause symptoms. Since starting her program, I have improved my diet, increased my energy and my perimenopause symptoms have been alleviated.

The investment made working with Tami has been tenfold in only a month’s time.

I am happy to report the loss of 7 pounds and no more hot flashes in the middle of the night. And more importantly, I am on the road to a healthier diet and exercise routine for me and my family.

Adrianne testimonial

I was looking for something that would help me in taking better care of my health. Since working with Tami, I’ve lost 20 pounds, my blood pressure went down from hypertension stage 2 to just below stage 1, my energy has gone up, my mood is more calm and relaxed, and I’m not feeling anxious anymore.

Tami is awesome. She’s easy to talk to and she guides you into taking baby steps to achieve your goals. I like our weekly follow-ups – they keep me in check with my goals!

I would recommend this program for anyone who has a desire to live a healthier, holistic lifestyle (and without taking prescription medications!).


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